Registered with The National Environmental Management Association in the 4 and 5 class E categories

1) Subject: Legislative Decree no. 152/06, art 210. Zoffoli Renzo & C.S.n.c. Via del Lavoro 54/56, has been authorized to carry out R 4 and R13scrap/waste collection at the establishment situated in via del Lavoro n. 54/56- Gambettola.

2) The Company Zoffoli Renzo & C.S.n.c. with registered office in the city of Gambettola, via del Lavoro n. 54/56, has been authorized to carry out the business of demolition at the establishment situated in Via del Lavoro 54/56, Gambettola.

3) The company Zoffoli Renzo & C.S.n.c. are also authorised to recycle non-hazardous waste activities as of Articles 31 and 33 of the legislative decree no. 22/97 no, (now Articles 214 and 216 of the legislative decree no. 152/06 and DM 05.02.1998, as amended by the virtue of the order of entry no. 135 of 31.10.2000, registry number 43201/00, renewal of 25.07.2003 25.07.2003 registry number 54701/0
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National Registry of Environmental Management

Inscription number B000298
The Company ZOFFOLI RENZO & C. SNC is enrolled in the registry in category 4 class E.
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National Registry of Environmental management

The application of the Company ZOFFOLI RENZO & C. S.a.s has been accepted for the enrolment in category 5 class E
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